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Avid Rig Tools - ALL VARIETIES
RIG TOOLS Rig tools are one of those items that all carp anglers need. Whether you’re splicing lea..
Avid Scissors
SCISSSORS These scissors are super-sharp and will stay sharp for a long time. They feature purpose..
Fox Edges 5pc Needle Set
Five-piece needle set that features everything you need Comprises Stix & Stringer, Fine, Heavy,..
Fox Edges 6mm Corksticks 5pk
Ideal for balancing or popping up hookbaits. ..
Fox Edges Bait Drill + 6mm Corksticks
Ideal for balancing or popping up hookbaits. ..
Fox Edges Braid Blades Micro Scissors
Featuring a serrated blade for the clean cutting of the finest braids and hooklink materials. ..
Fox Edges Braid Blades XS
With saw teethed blades the Braid Blade XS will Cut easily through: Braid, Nylon, Hard Mono, Steel W..
Fox Edges Easy Splice Splicing Needle
Twisted stainless steel wire designed for splicing leadcore and lead-free leader materials as well a..
Fox Edges Fine Needle
FINE NEEDLE The Fine Needle is perfect for small boilies and particle baits. ..
Fox Edges Gated Needle
GATED NEEDLE The Gated Needle is perfect for splicing 45lb Submerge and general hook baits. ..
Fox Edges Heavy Needle
HEAVY NEEDLE The Heavy Needle is perfect for larger boilies and harder baits. ..
Fox Edges Multi Tool
Handy device that features four tools in one! One end is a line stripper for removing outer coati..
Fox Edges Nut / Pellet Drill
The FOX 1.5mm Nut Drill is perfect for drilling fine holes through the centre of any hard bait from ..
Fox Edges Splicing Needle
The Fox Splicing Needle is designed to neatly splice loops into leadcore or 30lb Submerge leaders. T..
Fox Edges Stix + Stringer Needle
The Stix baiting needle has been designed to make easy threading of PVA sticks directly onto the hoo..