Hooklink + Leader Material

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Gardner Camflex Leadcore Leader Mateial 20m - ALL VARIETIES
This new superb flecked, ultra supple CamFlex Plummet leadcore offers excellent camouflage as the br..
Gardner Camflex Leadfree Leader Mateial 45lb 10m - ALL VARIETIES
CamFlex Leadfree leader is a superb fast sinking leader material that has been woven using 100% heav..
Gardner Camo Plummet Leadcore - ALL VARIETIES
Camo Plummet is a brand new ‘Disruption’ camo style leadcore, ideal for constructing the ultimate lo..
Gardner Heavy Plummet Leadcore 45lb - ALL VARIETIES
By popular demand, Gardner has now developed a heavier 45lb (20.4kg) breaking strain of the hugely p..
Gardner Invisi Link Semi Stiff Flourocarbon Hooklink Material 25m - ALL VARIETIES
Invisi-Link is an amazingly versatile 100% PVDF Fluorocarbon hooklink and boom material that’s fast ..
Gardner Plummet Leadcore 25lb - ALL VARIETIES
Plummet Leadcore is the No.1 choice for anglers that need the advantages of a fast sinking leader, b..
Gardner Power Gum 5m - ALL VARIETIES
An established product Power Gum is a clear, elasticated gum that is used by anglers to form line fr..
Gardner Ready Spliced 91cm (3ft) Leadcore Leader - ALL VARIETIES
Ready spliced links made from 25lb (11.4k) Plummet Leadcore. The splices are seamless and are spo..
Gardner Stiff Ultra Skin Skinned Braided Hooklink Material 25lb 20m - ALL VARIETIES
After the phenomenal success of the original Ultra Skin, Gardner Tackle is excited to introduce a su..
Gardner Subterfuge Super Soft Flourocarbon 15m - ALL VARIETIES
Subterfuge is nearly invisible under the water; its refractive index is almost identical to water wh..
Gardner Trick Link Stiff Link Material 50m - ALL VARIETIES
Stiff rigs and combi rigs that incorporate some semi stiff monofilament have an awesome track record..
Gardner Trickster Heavy Sinking Braided Hooklink Material 20m - ALL VARIETIES
Fast-sinking, heavy, braided hooklinks are favoured by many big fish anglers ‘in the know’ because i..
Gardner Trip Wire Stiff / Chod Hooklink Material 20m - ALL VARIETIES
Now in 25lb! Look no further than this for a superb dedicated stiff hooklink material. For use on..
Gardner Ultra Skin Super Soft Skinned Braided Hooklink Material 20m - ALL VARIETIES
The new Gardner Ultra Skin is a super soft, supple and ‘skinned’ braided hooklink material. Ultra S..
Gardner Zig Link Hooklink Material 100m - ALL VARIETIES
A unique hooklink developed specifically for Zig rig and floater fishing. The unique copolymer fo..