Pre-tied Carp Rigs

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Avid Ready Tied Zig Rig including Hookbait, Zig Clip + Tail Rubber - ALL VARIETIES
READY TIED ZIG RIG KITS These ready-tied Zig rig kits contain everything you need to start Zigging...
Gardner 3 x Pre tied Hinged Stiff Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
The Hinged Stiff Rig is one of the most effective pop-up rigs there is, effectively offering the mos..
Gardner Pre Tied Chod Rig - ALL VARIETIES
Fishing with a Chod Rig is a supremely versatile method, ideal for presenting hook baits over a vast..
Korda 3 x Pre tied IQ D Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
T hese new IQ D-Rigs are easily the most talked-about presentation from the latest Underwater fil..
Korda 3 x Pre tied Krank Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
Krank Ready Rigs The revolutionary Krank hook pattern – launched to critical acclaim from both angl..
Korda 3 x Pre tied Multi Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
Ready-tied multi rigs Tied to match Danny Fairbrass' rigs! Allow the hook to be changed in seconds..
Korda 3 x Pre-Tied DF Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
The Korda Pre-Tied DF rig features a Wide Gape hook and N-Trap coated braid with free extenda stops ..
Korda 3 x Stiff Hinge Rigs - ALL VARIETIES
Ready-tied hinged stiff rigs Perfect for catching bigger carp Tied with Choddy hooks, Mouth Tr..
Korda Pre-Tied KD Rigs x3
These pre-tied KD rigs are a worthy addition to the Korda ready-tied rig range, such is the populari..
Korda Pre-Tied Long Chod Rigs 3pk - ALL VARIETIES
pre tied chod rig long version ..
Korda Pre-Tied Short Chod Rigs 3pk - ALL VARIETIES
Super convenient Neat and tidy Two lengths available ..
Korda Ready Tied Zig Rigs 3pk + Free Hookbaits - ALL VARIETIES
Korda Ready Tied Zig Rigs.  Available in 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft.  •     &..
Korda Ready-Tied Rigs IQ Longshank X x3
For instant carping and instant results, you just have to try these Ready-Tied Carp Rigs. Designed a..
Korda Ready-Tied Rigs Wide Gape x 3
For instant carping and instant results, you just have to try these Ready-Tied Carp Rigs. Designed a..
Rig Marole Chod Rigs with Bore Ring 2pk - ALL VARIETIES
Pack of two pre tied chod rigs made with CAMH20. Featuring a bore ring on a D loop for easy bait pre..