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Chub X-Tra Protection Oxygen Floatation Weigh Sling
Retain fish in warm and/ or weedy waters Oxygen in the sling by use of waterproof pump Pump operat..
Gardner Retention Floating Weigh Sling
Product Description This Retention Sling is designed for anglers to temporarily retain fish and t..
Nash Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System)
Made from the original airflow material that Kevin Nash identified for its superior oxygen exchange,..
Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling XL
This Euro Safety Sling has been designed for the short term retention of carp while you set up your ..
Shimano Recovery Floating Weigh Sling
A different take on the normal style sling this version has floatation tubes on the two piece rigid ..
Trakker Sanctuary Half Moon Weigh Sling
As the name suggests, this weigh sling is a half-moon shape and has been carefully designed to cradl..
Trakker Sanctuary Retention Weigh Sling (Standard)
A robust but lightweight combination carp retainer and weigh sling in one. The Sanctuary Retention S..
£39.99 £32.99
Trakker Sanctuary Safety Weigh Sling (Standard)
This is a purpose-built weigh sling that will safely deal with carp of all sizes during the all-impo..