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Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle
Silicone body and lid Nylon handle Stainless steel bottum suitable on every stove Same use as cl..
Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX 185 Lantern
A more compact lantern for the Sat-A-Lite range. The LTX 185 still has a powerful maximum output of ..
Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-100 Head Torch
One of the smallest and compact headlights on the market the Sat-a-lite100 is lightweight and comfor..
Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-200 Head Torch
The SL 200 Head Torch utilises the most sophisticated and up to date controlled technology to give m..
Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-250 Headlight
The Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-250 is the ultimate LED head torch. The main beam has an extremely powerful 1..
Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-300 Lantern
The Sat-A-Lite® SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens that is perfect for providing ultr..
Chub Stove Wind Shield
Lightweight foldable windshield with built-in prongs to push into the ground for extra stability in ..
Delkim Stainless Steel Thermal Mug
Supplied with insulated lid to keep your drinks hotter for longer. Large capacity (300ml) with non-s..
Fox Heat Transfer Kettle - ALL VARIETIES
We recognised that one particular piece of technology from the camping industry could be really app..
Ridge Monkey Case for Sandwich Toaster - ALL SIZES
Zipped hard case for Ridge Monkey Sandwich Toasters.   ..
Ridge Monkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier with Tap - ALL VARIETIES
RidgeMonkey HDPE Heavy Duty Water Carriers - a simple solution to an age old problem. By screwing on..
Ridge Monkey Quad Connect Stove Full Kit
Full Kit, Raise your portable stove game!! Featuring a quadrilateral design, four folding legs and ..
Ridge Monkey Quad Connect Stove Primary Head Only
Quad Connect Stove (Primary Head) featuring a quadrilateral design, four folding legs and a unique q..
Ridge Monkey Std Sandwich Toaster + 4 Utensils ALL COLOURS
It really is that simple with the RidgeMonkey 'Deep Fill' Sandwich Toaster! No fuss, no mess, just g..
Ridge Monkey Utensils - ALL SIZES
Open up a whole new range of recipe ideas with this purpose made set: featuring a moulded storage tr..