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Guru Catapult - ALL VARIETIES
Let us introduce the best catapult on the block! It’s easily the most versatile ’pult available toda..
Guru Original Catapult Spare Elastic
For use with Guru catapult 2 x 10inch elastics with all peg fittings. The elastic has a specia..
Guru Original Catapult Spare Pouch
The Guru Catapult Pouch has been redesigned to eliminate elastic twist and now you can get a spare p..
Korum Boilie Catapult
Ideal for feeding large amounts of boilies and larger pellets accurately at ranges up to 60 metres..
Korum Catapult (All Round)
The original Korum catapult has been designed as the perfect all-rounder. Use it with small boilie..
MIDDY Groundbait Catapult 316
A strong robust framed caty with a specially designed pouch for firing balls of groundbait. Equipp..
MIDDY Particle System Catapult 313
A medium to long range caty for pellets and particles. Suitable for match or specimen work. ..
MIDDY X-Flex 322 Mini Baits Catapult
The ideal pole/mini baits caty. ..
MIDDY X-Flex 329 Pellet Catapult
This caty has been specifically designed for feeding 4-8mm pellets on commercials. The frame is si..
MIDDY X-Flex Mesh Pellet Catapult
This caty has a small mesh pouch for feeding 4-8mm pellets on commercials. The frame is sized in-b..