Seatbox Attachments

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Daiwa 75 Seatbox + Footplate
Offering the popular combined cassette system, built from alloy and aluminium with the benefits of a..
Maver MX 25cm Retainer Winders 10pk
A pack of pole winders with a sliding retainer clip on the side, meaning no anchors are required. Te..
Maver MX Keepnet Arms
Two new keepnet arms, available in two sizes, short 12cm, and long 25cm. The clever leg fitting allo..
Maver MX Pole Winder Tray Sets 10pk - ALL VARIETIES
New for 2009, these winder tray sets fit all MX seatbox cross drawers. Each tray features high quali..
Maver MX Umbrella Arm
New high quality umbrella arm. Measuring 29cm and featuring the clever leg fitting allowing it to be..
Preston Innovations Off Box Pro Cross Arm - ALL VARIETIES
CROSS ARM Angled 90° arm has a multitude of uses and comes complete with Quick Release Insert for u..
Preston Innovations Off Box Pro Keepnet Arm - ALL VARIETIES
Can be rotated into any position, enables quick removal for weighing in. Complete with Quick Release..
Preston Innovations Offbox Pro Mini Tool Bar
Compatible with most leg profiles the versatile and telescopic Mini Tool Bar is will rotate independ..