Pike Terminal Tackle + Traces

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Berkley All Round Saltwater Jig Heads 17.5g 3/0 5pk
The All-round Saltwater jighead will suit a wide variety of saltwater fishing conditions and depth..
Berkley Longshank Jig Heads 21g 7/0 3pk
The Sharp hook with long shank combined with light to med heavey jigheads in standout rainbow colo..
Berkley Nylon Coated Spinning Traces 3pk 9" 30lb
McMahon swivel and super strong cross-lok snap on a hand wound leader. ..
Berkley Nylon Coated Traces Wire 30ft ALL VARIETIES
Nylon coated wire for extra protection. Seven-strand construction improves flexibility and reduces..
Daiwa Tournament  D Snap 10pk - ALL VARIETIES
High-end snap made of spring steel for jig heads and plugs. Thanks to the wide curve the action of p..
Daiwa Tournament  Split Rings - ALL VARIETIES
Premium quality and reliable split ring made of stainless steel with high breaking strength. Made in..
Daiwa Tournament 8 Snap 10pk - ALL VARIETIES
The special shape allows a very quick change of the lure. The lure safely attached and won’t get loo..
Daiwa Tournament SW Snap 10pk - ALL VARIETIES
Extremely strong snap with cross-lock. Perfect for plugs and jerk baits. Thanks to the wide curve th..
Fox Rage 49 Strand Wire 10m + Crimps - ALL VARIETIES
OVERVIEW Good connections are essential for all rigs. It doesn’t matter if you use steel, kevlar, m..
Fox Rage Bait Fins Red 25pk
These brightly coloured soft plastic fins have two main functions. They are a great way of enhancing..
Fox Rage Bait Poppers - ALL SIZES
Designed for popping up both live and deadbaits. These buoyant foam poppers are perfect for fishing ..
Fox Rage Cat Ball Bearing Swivels 3pk ALL SIZES
Our Ball Bearing Swivels are extremely strong and have been made to withstand the powerful runs and ..
Fox Rage Diamond Swivels 20pk
These swivels feature a tapered eye so that our trace crimp covers can slide over the top to help pr..
Fox Rage Kebab + Popper Kit
Use this kit to make your own bottom or popped up kebab baits. Push fish chunks onto the pin, hook o..
Fox Rage Kwik Change Trace Links 10pk
This type of link attaches your leader by simply twisting the connecting swivel onto it without open..