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Daiwa Sensor Line Loader
This helpful little gadget lets you load up any spool size, smoothly and conveniently by yourself. T..
Fox Boilie Baiting Spoon with Removable Handle
Boilie spoon – as name suggests perfect for baiting with boilies Super-strong lightweight moulded..
Fox Halo Power Multi Light
Halo™ Power Multi Light Multi-purpose LED light Can be used as a bivvy light, to aid night time ..
Gardner Mini Tripod
Lightweight Mini Tripod, ideal for hard ground, platforms, etc. Makes a really useful self-take came..
Ridge Monkey Action Camera AS (Action Station) Adaptor
Action Camera AS Adaptor: Designed to fit cameras that feature the popular two-pronged mounting p..
Ridge Monkey Action Camera Bankstick Adaptor
These feature a captive nut and inclusive locking bolt that helps to securely fasten them to your ba..
Ridge Monkey Action Station Base Clamp
RidgeMonkey Action Station Base Clamp Compatible with all Ridge Monkey Action Station products - ..
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo Adaptor (Head Only)
Attach your bivvy lite duo to the ridgemonkey action station base clamp. Whether you want to light y..
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo Bankstick Adaptor (Full Kit)
Attach your bivvy lite duo to any standard bankstick, storm pole, buzzar bar, or landing net handle ..
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR
Bivvy Lite Elite IR Three colours: white, red and green Smooth brightness control Wireless ..
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Plus
Bivvy Lite Plus Three colours – white, red and green Two brightness settings Integral multi..
Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Pro IR
Bivvy Lite Pro IR Three colours - white, red and green Smooth brightness control Wireless r..
Ridge Monkey Heavy Duty Water Carrier with Tap - ALL VARIETIES
RidgeMonkey HDPE Heavy Duty Water Carriers - a simple solution to an age old problem. By screwing on..
Ridge Monkey Multi Lite Duo IR (with remote)
Following the success of the Bivvy Lite Duo and Adaptor Range we are pleased to announce that the th..
Ridge Monkey Standard Bait Spoon - ALL VARIETIES
BAIT SPOON A robust handheld PVC Bait Spoon with a multitude of uses - ideal for scooping boilies/p..