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Browning Black Magic Carp 11m Pole + Spare Top kit
A power pole built in the Black Magic tradition of strong and tough poles that will take everything ..
Browning Black Magic Margin XS 8m Pole + Spare Top kit
An upgraded version of our best-selling Black Magic Margin pole. Ultra strong, stiff and remarkab..
Browning Black Magic Slimstar 11m Pole + Two Spare Top kits
Over many years, the Black Magic name has been synonymous with incredibly strong poles that other ma..
£329.00 £289.99
 Pre-bushed top kit for use with the Browning Slimstar pole, ..
Browning Magic Power Star 11m Pole + Two Spare Top kits
A top-performance, good looking and superb quality 11 meter pole suitable for every style of fishing..
£329.99 £179.99
Browning Pit Bull 6m Elasticated Pole + Spare top kit
Pit Bull Pre-elasticated pole packs ´´Ready to go” strong poles - just attach a pole rig and you’re ..
Browning SLK Single Length Pole Top Kits Long - ALL VARIETIES
SLK - Single Length Kits mean no cutting back, no bushes, just add elastic and your fishing! All ..
Daiwa Power Carp 13m Pole + 3 Spare Power Top Kits
This 13m edition delivers improved reach and control with high wall strength and loading action to s..
Daiwa Power Carp 8m Margin Pole + Spare Top Kit
The shorter range sport of margin and inside line work is well catered for with this 8m Power Carp M..
Garbolino Coach Power 316 RBG 9.5m Pole + Spare Top Kit
Available in longer lengths than the Starter Power, this model is built in HR carbon and to give it ..
Garbolino Squad Power 416 RBG 11m Pole + Spare Top Kit
Take apart pole - ideal pleasure/leisure or starter pole - HR/IM construction - Elastic rated to 20 ..
Matrix MTX Margin 8.7m Pole + 2 Spare Power Top kits
Superb performance and strength Full MTX range is built on the same mandrel Features MST – M..
Middy Shock Stikk Revolution 35 Elasticated 3m Margin Pole
The original Shock Stikk was one of the most talked-about rods/poles in history. Now, this revised m..
Preston Innovations Super Slim Power 9.5m Pole
Preston Super Slim Power Pole An affordable entry level pole that still offers plenty of performa..
Preston Monster Roller Pulla 8.5m Margin Pole + Spare Power Topkit + Holdall
MONSTER ROLLER PULLA MARGIN - 8.5M Lightweight and extremely strong, the Monster Roller Pulla Margi..