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Browning Commercial King2 10' 2pc Bomb Rod 3-6lb
The classic 10ft, 2 piece bomb rod. A rod that can be used for just about anything - feeder, bomb, m..
Browning Commercial King2 11' 2pc Quickfish Feeder Rod 20-60g
A totally new design concept which allows a rod to be assembled and "ready to fish" in less than 15 ..
Browning Commercial King2 8' 2pc F1 Wand Rod 2-4lb
Try one of these and you will never use a long rod again! The ultimate rods for close range tip fish..
Garbolino Challenger Picker 2pc 9' Leger Fishing Rod
Available in three length variations 9, 10 & 11ft. With beautiful progressive actions these slim..
Garbolino Super Rocket Carp 2pc Picker Rod - ALL VARIETIES
New generation Super Rocket rod series HR/IM carbon feeder rod - 2 sections + 3 tips (glass 3/4oz..
Garbolino Tetra Carp 9' 2pc Picker Rod
TECTRA CARP PICKER  The Tectra Picker range have been designed specifically for fishing UK co..
Greys Prodigy TXL Specialist Feeder Rod - ALL VARIETIES
With improved build quality over their TX predecessors, these rods have enough power to bully fish i..
Greys Toreon Tactical Quivertip Rod 2pc ALL VARIETIES
A range of quivertip rods to suit every stillwater and river coarse anglers needs. Featuring Toreon ..
Korum 2pc Feeder Rod ALL VARIETIES
10FT FEEDER ROD This rod has a through action that is ideal for all commercial fishing situations. ..
Middy Muscle Tech 300 Feeder Rod 10' 2pc
Designed primarily for baggin' sessions, Muscle-Tech rods from Middy are incredibly strong and utili..
Preston Innovations Carbonactive Mini Plus 10' 2pc Feeder Rod
MINI PLUS 10’ FEEDER This is the next generation of the ‘10ft Mini’ which is synonymous with commer..
£174.99 £149.99
Preston Innovations Carbonactive Mini Plus 10'6" 2pc Feeder Rod
A natural progression to satisfy the demand for a rod with all the qualities of the ‘10ft’ but with ..
£184.99 £159.99
Preston Innovations Carbonactive Mini Plus 8'6" 2pc Feeder Rod
MINI PLUS 8’6” FEEDER Designed with snake lakes in mind, this short rod is perfect for accurately c..
£149.99 £124.99
Shimano Forcemaster AX Mini Feeder Rods - ALL VARIETIES
ForceMaster AX Commercial For anglers on a tight budget the Forcemaster Commercial offers great va..