Bait Making

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Gardner Air-Dri Bag - ALL VARIETIES
The convenient way to dry and store all boilies on a long session. Hang the air dry bags containi..
Gardner Cork Balls 10pk - ALL VARIETIES
These are top quality cork balls made from the best Portuguese cork. Cork balls are still the fir..
Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun
This big, metal Sausage Gun is the way to go if you intend to make larger quantities of bait or want..
Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun XT
The same basic internals as the Deluxe Sausage Gun but with a different cam to provide lower gearing..
Gardner Rolaball Baitmaker Longbase Roling Table - ALL VARIETIES
Developed from our original Rolaball, the Longbase allows a longer ‘stroke’ so you can fit two or ev..
Gardner Rolaball Baitmaster Giant Rolling Table - ALL VARIETIES
The Rolaball Baitmaster offers much greater bait making capacity as the wider design simply rolls mo..
Gardner Sausage Gun
Entry level Sausage Gun to produce perfectly sized sausages for your Rolaball. Perfect for small ..
Gardner Sausage Rolling Table - ALL VARIETIES
A simple alternative to the sausage gun, the Rolling Table rolls the perfect size sausage for your L..
Mainline Activ-Ades 100ml - ALL VARIETIES
Another state-of-the-arts products from Mainline, the Activ-Ades are feed inducing flavours containi..
Mainline Additives And Oils 250ml - ALL VARIETIES
Fosoil Fosoil is a fish feed inducing oils designed for the fish farming industry as a feed inducin..
Mainline Baits Base Mix Activators 300ml - ALL VARIETIES
Mainline Baits base mix activators to kick start dedicated base mixes The Recipe: 500g Base mix &..
Mainline Dedicated Base Mixes 10kg Bucket - ALL VARIETIES
Mainlines attitude to carp baits has taken the guesswork and complexity out of putting together a wi..
Mainline Profile Plus Concentrated Boilie Making Flavours 60ml - ALL VARIETIES
A range of very concentrated flavours only marketed by Mainline. These truly are the Rolls Royce of ..
Mainline Response Boilie Making Flavours 60ml - ALL VARIETIES
A comprehensive range of flavours to suit everybody's needs. From fish to fruit to spice or savoury ..
Mainline Tru Colour Powdered Dye - ALL VARIETIES
Not a lot we can say about dyes, is there? If we could get them in feed inducing format we would, bu..